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Our country’s evolution back or towards, (depending on your trajectory) creative excellence is becoming more and more interesting. Advertising is not what it once was in the world. It is not what it once was in Zimbabwe.  We have players not only trying to compete on a global level but are actually doing so.
Like everything else around us – we cannot run away from evolution and becoming better at what we do. Consumers regardless in whatever market, are captivated by something new, something different, but most of all – something that adds value to our lives.
As a nation, Zimbabwe is blessed with natural resources that automatically make us global contenders. Whether it is having the longest sheet of falling water or having the second largest deposit of platinum – we are recognised.
So what is left? Where else should we be earning, then demanding respect? Where else should we be coming up with original and relevant ideas that act as agents of creativity and positive innovation?
Brands like Econet Wireless’s EcoCash are changing the landscape and how banking is conducted.
You can be a contender through the difference you make, the idea you represent. Many are waiting to see what this house of stone, our country can do – this includes us today and future generations.
Creative freedom is yours!