Who said you cannot be paid by the tax payer?

Who said you cannot be paid by the tax payer?

“…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  ― Benjamin Franklin

In Zimbabwe, tax is a very sensitive issue, one that is not accepted with open arms. The dilapidating state of the economy and the country at large has raised a bunch of non believers in the system. Why should I pay tax when the roads are extremely bad? when there is no health system to speak of?  when the teachers are missing classes because they are yet to be paid?

WHY? This mountain has been a difficult hike for the Revenue Authority body in Zimbabwe (ZIMRA) and because of that they decided to invite advertising agencies (us included) to pitch for the account and guess what? We won the business ahead of other agencies that brag being industry best.

What’s our secret? we believe in playing a meaningful role in peoples lives, of course we had to answer the call! Our creative and our solutions are always data driven, so We went out into the market to find out why people avoid paying taxes and the key insight we got is WHY SHOULD I PAY? Armed with this knowledge, we designed a campaign centered around telling the truth, we wanted to conscentize people on why they pay their taxes, what happens to the money they pay and the results of paying or not paying thus we came up with the big idea PAY YOUR PART!

Our approach to the campaign won the hearts of many, the authenticity and well thought out process ensured a win for us! In no time ZIMRA sent us positive feedback and it was now time for execution. Our print ads and radio scripts have been making waves in the media space. We are working on taking this campaign to greater heights, and we would want to thank ZIMRA for trusting us with their giant brand. TRUTH WELL TOLD!