What do you mean by ‘fully functional e-commerce capabilities’? – Getting technical with the Union Hardware site

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Ok, so we have been getting this question a lot from different stakeholders in both the local and international community and we thought, why not respond with a blog?

In this fast paced and digitally-led world where most brands are still tied to their physical operations, Union Hardware made a leading decision to establish a strong presence online. The task was left to us to build a site that would deliver the same seamless shopping experience for their customers as they get in-store ore even better, bearing in mind that the shopping experience is a critical component of retail.

We were up to the task, and together we built their online shop, a real e-commerce site that encapsulates the following features among many;

The Union Hardware Order Management System integrated with their in-store system.

Multiple payment options:
The integration of multiple payment gateways to accommodate a basket of payment channels. Some of the payment modes include: international debit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, local RTGS debit and credit cards from all registered banks, mobile wallets; EcoCash, TeleCash, and One Money. The platform is also integrated to ZIPIT and allows one to pay on delivery to cater for the uniqueness of the Zimbabwean market. The regulatory implications of Valued Added Tax are already incorporated in the entire receipting process. We’ve got you!

Online inventory:
The online stores are linked to stock inventory in-store such that whatever happens in-store is automatically updated online and vice versa, all in real time. What you see online is what you get in-store. If a product is out of stock the you can choose to add it to your Wishlist and when it becomes available you will be notified.

Union Hardware has multiple branches, so we made it a multi-site to deliver a seamless shopping experience that allows shoppers to switch shop anytime and transact from the branch of their choice. All they simply do is click a button and the magic happens.

Multiple currencies:
Union Hardware website is a multi-currency e-commerce platform that provides customers with robust, multi-currency purchasing capabilities to cater for both the local and diaspora market. The platform is It’s a multi-currency site, you can shop in one currency and if you change your mind along the way, you can pay with another currency. e.g. you can shop in USD then pay in Zim dollar. Now that is convenience!

Discount & Promotion Management:
For those lovers of bargain, the site is both a haven of multiple discount systems applied on various products, shops and currencies and a landmine full of daily deals and special offers that expire at certain times. Either way, you win!

Collection methods:
If you are overseas, we’ve made the collection process even easier. No need to stress by sending your particulars and confirmations, you can just add the name of the person to pick up your goods and they are good to go.

Product catalog:
Finding what you are shopping for is as easy as ABC. You can search and sort to easily find products in certain categories or with specific attributes.

Review and comment systems:
The site is equipped with review, recommend and comment systems. You the customer can see what other customers say about a particular product or leave comment yourself.

Finally, not only is the site mobile responsive, it is also secure, optimised and accessible on all grade A browsers. In fact, when you are using your mobile device it snaps into the exact view, look and feel of the mobile app’s user interface. All just for you!

We are privileged to have worked on this great project, together with the team from Union Hardware. Now the site is live, check it out for yourself and let your friends and loved ones know it’s out as well! https://unionhardware.co.zw/