Truth be told; ideas that work lead to bigger things!

When passion comes out through one creative mind it spreads out and covers the entire world with a new culture, a new behaviour and an advanced language of communicating from one person to the other.

At  Dicomm we believe in ideas that work and through this  we are brand builders and innovators that bring to life  innovative brands . A great person once said never give up and always keep your eyes on the prize. Our prize is revealed through hard work and team spirit.

As the year 2014 comes to an end Team Dicomm is grateful to the entire team for all their hard work and commitment. Although this year had its ups and downs, we take pride in the  joyous moments: Our Creative Director Mrs Virginia Mate-Kole made us proud- BBC Award winner of the English as a Second Language prize for her play ‘The Cactus Flowers’.

One of our clients Econet Wireless Zimbabwe won five awards at the recents held MAZ (Marketing Association of Zimbabwe) awards.

Team Dicomm looks forwards to 2015 We are stepping out of our ordinary shells and into the extraordinary realm of creativity where we do everything different.

A big Thank you to all our valued customers for their support.

Here’s to 2015 and beyond.