The Role of Music in Advertising

From the iconic era of William Shakespeare to the modern day; life and music have always been hand in glove.  Today, the love between brand and humanity is constantly growing; we are in love with our brands and strongly connected to them as they lead us to do the impossible and add meaning to our lives everyday.

Music is emotion in notes and melody, its present everywhere and has a huge impact on how the world works. Look at it this way, music changes perceptions and ultimately can alter a generations thought pattern for better or worse. Weird right? seeing that every person in the world likes a different kind of sound; and yet music finds a way of bringing us all together.

Modern day Zimbabwean advertisers are using jingles, local musicians and roadshows to drive messaging to different people across the country. The essence of a jingle is to connect with the people and become so memorable that it becomes top of the mind awareness. This is a great tool and the easiest way to get people talking about a brand for now and years to come.

Check out some dope commercials done in the past for local brands:


  1. Olivine Commercial by Oliver Mtukudzi –