The pandemic that has brought the globe to a halt:

A heavy thick cloud continues to hover over the globe. It moves swiftly, silently but has had a venomous impact. Death rates, infected numbers and fear continues to dominate news channels, media and digital platforms. No-one foresaw the impact of this virus or, the halt it would bring and has brought.

As the globe continued to watch what other countries would do, the unanimous decision globally to have the “Lockdown,” happened. The terms in itself evokes feelings of being locked up, limited and confined. Adjustments to daily routines, work business, plans, trips, families, the list is endless but everything around the globe has had to adjust because of  this Virus.

Now, from an agency point of view, the importance of self-introspection comes into play. Why? It’s important to remember why we do the work we do, what we stand for and value, in order to get the most out of what we do. One of our values, being to help our brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

In working with our clients, we have had the privilege to be able to creatively come up with great campaigns in order to help our clients make a memorable impact in their communities during this “Lockdown”. We continue to strive to fight this pandemic.

Corona, known as Covid-19 really could be or is the biggest disrupter in the industry or the world has ever seen. Food For thought.