The Adventures of Dicomm McCann at Google, FB, Twitter and Linkedin


On the 22nd of October the Dicomm McCann and Total Media team left for what we anticipated to be the exploratory tour of a lifetime. As an agency, we strive to keep abreast of all the latest innovations in the market and provide the latest technologies to our clients and where better to learn of the latest no-how’s than at the HQs of the titans of industry themselves?

Fruitful days were spent visiting the  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google teams – tapping into their vast knowledge of the global digital marketing space and picking their brains on the implications of how these translate into the Zimbabwean market. They were definitely long days but we walked away with a valuable insights into understanding how we leverage their extensive marketing arsenal into valuable campaigns that provide actionable leads that empower our clients and help them grown their brands in the 21st century playing field.

Some key takeaway points:

  • Mobile is the future as more consumers in Sub Saharan Africa are spending more and more of their time on their devices that time away from their devices has been dubbed “nomophobia”
  • Twitter- is increasingly becoming a great platform for discovery and helps people to always be in the moment
  • LinkedIn has amazing potential for businesses to market to the people that matter with over 500,000 active users in Zimbabwe
  • Google- enables marketers to take advantage of a host of internet signals that relate to audiences based on several Google related contact points

In conclusion, we have emerged as a more informed agency – better equipped to service our clients with a host of the latest digital marketing opportunities available and are looking forward to putting them to the test!