Tap. Tap. Tap. “Help is on its way”

How does digital innovation plays a meaningful role in the lives of everyday Zimbabweans?
Ambulance services now just a few clicks away. Last week we took part in launching the latest innovation from the Vaya brand – Vaya Ambulance. A digital platform design to connect tracking devices to the ambulances, enabling real-time tracking on any road in the country.
And while beguiling, it seems like a rather odd departure from the ride hailing service most had become accustomed to. But as Mr. Chibi was noted saying , “The digital platform is designed to create efficiency in the allocation of a scarce resource and amplify availability,”. For the first time, the Vaya platform would bring together ambulance service providers in a coordinated and efficient manner that would help patients and save more lives.
So how does this work? Convenience in an emergency – as users may make use of either cash, EcoCash and medical aid as forms of payment. The Vaya ambulance will immediately assign you the nearest ambulance after ordering. And what’s novel, is that one is now able to track the ambulance that you would have ordered as well as the nearest medical facilities – ensuring certainty in an otherwise stressful situation, that help is on its way.
To date, about 50 percent of Emergency Medical Services players including Harare City ambulance, Netstar, Emras, St Johns Ambulance, MARS, Rubatsiro ambulance service, Belvedere Medical Centre ambulance among other ambulance service providers from across the country have signed up – meaning this launch is national.
To the team, congratulations! And here’s to serving a more meaningful role in the lives of all Zimbabweans.