Shield Creates a #FreshMovement

Giving the word fresh a new meaning has never felt so good. Shield has been at the forefront of driving the #FreshMovement campaign which has taken enormous strides at providing people with fresh confidence going about their everyday business.

Team Dicomm is honored to be playing a pivotal role in orchestrating the #FreshMovement campaign from inception at such a time when the heat keeps blazing and everybody surely needs to stay odour-free.

When the campaign was launched a few months ago, the aim was to create a #FreshMovement community and that’s exactly what the campaign achieved. So far it has reached over 6.4 million Twitter accounts, 3 million people on Facebook and 30 million impressions with bloggers such as 263Chat and Divas Inc joining in the fun and keeping it moving. As a matter of fact, the dynamic and creative campaign has managed to shift topics on Twitter, Facebook and every other social platform.

The ongoing #FreshMovement radio program which is addressing issues like body odor, medical issues and teaching the importance of antiperspirants has also captured a lot of attention with people phoning in and joining the movement.

A memorable experience is being created and in all of this, a compelling story is being shared which in turn is provoking authentic conversations with people at heart.

Be part of the #FreshMovement and feel the freshness!