Orderish in a time of chaos


At the end of every day all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs ‘I survived, I survived, I survived!’ That’s how Corona has me feeling y’all. During this national lockdown, I’ve developed a love/hate (largely leaning on the hate side) relationship with my work. Let’s talk about love. I love the time I have saved, I didn’t know just how much time I spent commuting to work and back- after this I will be on the lookout for a rental nearer the job for sure. So time saved is a great thing, I love the flexibility and I appreciate the quiet. Being alone with my thoughts, has provided lots of time for introspection, second guessing, reassessing – the tinker in me rejoices. orderishNow the hate… oh my, let me just say admin was not made for me. Next lockdown please may I have my own personal assistant – ndapota. Trying to co-ordinate a team of creatives (let’s not even dwell on that hrrmph) amidst power outages, data and wifi issues has been the biggest challenge of all. Kudos to all the veteran managers who will survive this war. I also grossly underestimated the value to our work and creative processes of rubbing off each other, the competitiveness, perspective and constructive criticism that togetherness brings … it’s only day 4! Corona you!!! After all this I will relish and appreciate what I know and miss now. After this… let’s talk about this, who knows what tomorrow brings. Never has the future been so obscure, plans and strategies dismally thrown out the door. One thing for sure we are learning as we go. Keeping one foot on today’s survival pedal and the other on what will most likely be and how to adapt. Adapt, yes that should be everyone’s new best friend or else bye bye T-rex, in the past forever you’ll stay. Anyway enough with my rant, you catch my drift I’m sure. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that bring me safely back to shore each night and I’ll share them with you.

  1. Communication is everything… you cannot possibly over communicate in this scenario. Make social groups, get in there with the DMs – Fish them out of isolation (laughs wickedly)
  2. Plan each day… then make room for come what way – it’s a lot easier to fit in something when you have a schedule than when you don’t, trust me on this
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff – everyone is adjusting to this new crazy, keep your attitude up and be willing to let go of the petty stuff. Stringing out an argument over DM erm let’s just say not worth it. Everyday I find myself at a crossroad where I can choose to be right or I choose to move the work. I hope the work will always win
  4. Stay in touch. Just as Corona is real, don’t neglect to feed your soul and starve your fears. Find a way within the day to love and be loved, check up on someone and do let off some steam, eat well and exercise… I say rolling off my bean bag to find another snack 😉

Till next time or sanity (whichever comes first), stay safe people.

by our Creative Genius, Sunshine