Many of you may be wondering, WHAT WE ARE LOOKING UP TO OR WHY LOOK UP?

Today, the 2nd of July 2016 for the first time ever in Zimbabwe, we are LOOKING UP to see helicopters hovering the country as Econet unveils their new identity bundled together with their Look Up Zimbabwe, The Future is Bright thematic campaign.

Oh, what a time it is to be alive and get to see amazing marketing concepts roar to life!!!

This campaign comes at a time were the majority of Zimbabweans are emotionally spent, mentally drained and feel they have NOTHING to look forward to.

Given that Econet has from day one been committed to “Inspired to change the world” and Inspiration has become one of its key differentiators. When we were tasked to develop a a new thematic campaign for the brand in this environment, the dilemma that we had was to back off or to continue building on the high ground area which the brand has built over time.

We decided not to back down as we felt that now is the time to fan the flame, and really rally around our cause. Client supported this decision/strategy by resoundingly approving the strategy and creative.

What inspired our strategy?

The brand’s products and services are of transformational nature and this is the very answer to the rising problems such as unemployment, cash shortages, poor health delivery and the depressed economy that this country is currently facing. With innovations like Ownai, EcoCash, Connected Health, Ruzivo, to mention just a few, they set the stage and there is no one placed better to take up this cause and inspire the nation other than Econet brand.

Believe it, after this campaign we would have killed more than two birds with one stone; give a message of hope to the customer and sell Econet products and services.

That’s why at Dicomm McCann we say “we help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives”. This is what we live for…

Developing and executing this campaign has been a very fun, humbling and life changing experience for the Dicomm McCann team as a whole. It sure is one for the books!

So, remember Smile and Look Up Zimbabwe, the future is indeed bright!