Living in the new normal

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept through our nations, it put enormous pressure on the world to make societal changes. In the twinkling of an eye, social gatherings were banned and everyone was encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. As this new chapter started, we all had to find a way to move forward, and adapt to this crisis in order to bounce back and continue with our everyday activities. As a result, the relationship between human beings and technology got cemented stronger as people started relying more on the digital lifestyle for work, commercial transactions, education, medical care and social interactions.

The unfolding of the digital life led to Dicomm McCann, as well as many other brands to adopt and appreciate some of the changes that COVID-19 brought such as:

  1. A more flexible workplace: When COVID-19 hit, companies were forced to send their employees to work virtually at home. Once workers got settled in, it became observable that employees (well, at least the majority of them) can be more productive when not confined in office spaces, and they tend to focus more. It also became apparent that the work-from-home phenomena enhanced the quality of life for a lot of families who only used to see each other at the dinner table. Being the digital agency that we are, we knew our clients would be calling in for more digital campaigns so our team was efficiently prepped up with all the tools they needed to get their creative juices flowing.
  2. Technology enhancement: Never a time has augmented and virtual reality taken the world by storm as it has done during this pandemic! We’ve seen drones doing food deliveries and surveillance, driver-less vehicles patrolling the streets, and so much more. People are now looking for more smart gadgets, better apps and systems to adapt to the new way of living including e-learning and virtual work patterns. This season, our team of UI/UX experts and developers have been highly engaged in website and app developments for a number of clients that realized that the only way for a business to survive, is to go digital.

It has been, and will continue to be an amazing journey for us, into the future as we all continue to look for better ways to cope with the new normal.