Lafarge Zimbabwe appoints Dicomm McCann

larfarge Tector

“Better is the end of a matter” – King Solomon

Many at times people start off on projects with power, great zeal, commitment. The thrust is there and they seem ready to sail and weather any storm in order to reach their desired target or destination. Unfortunately for many, with the passage of time they begin to lose sight of the bigger picture because of the unanticipated, overwhelming and constant battering of the waves against their boats. They start considering shortcuts and cheaper options so as to arrive quicker and end up compromising on both quality and standards.

But if one is going to build and attain true greatness in this life, consistency is key. How you start is equally as important as how you finish. Start strong and finish strong! One proven way of achieving this is through the pursuit of strategic partnerships that can help you maintain high standards through and through i.e. from start to finish.

The concept of remaining consistent is something that we strive to live every day, especially in helping brands playing a meaningful role in people’s lives. Guess what? This is yielding results and recently we were selected by Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe to work on their advertising work. According to their Head of Marketing, they were attracted to Dicomm McCann as a result of the good work that the Agency has consistently been pushing into the market.

Our inaugural campaign was to develop communication campaign to introduce their new product range, Tector brand. It has a range of products that include plastering mix, skimming coat, tile adhesive and the like. As an agency that believes that in the use of big idea, we coined the campaign idea for these products Finish strong and this was well received with everyone within our new client business right up to the Chief Executive level.

This is why we are excited to announce that we now have that kind of partnership with Lafarge, and we are working together on bringing that same experience through their new Tector brand of finishing products. You will never have to compromise on quality at the finishing stages of your building/construction projects again. Simply finish strong with Tector from Lafarge!