Key Digital Vitamins for 2017 – Part 1



The digital landscape looks very different every day as things and the way people behave online evolve. Right now, 4 in 5 people (including yourself) display symptoms of emotional distress and probably will get upset if there is no access to the Internet. They would rather lose their sense of smell than forget their mobile phone at home.

This alone presents a challenge for brands as the new consumer is more radical and diverse. Rarely do they use email, because it’s too slow and their average attention span online is a mere 7 seconds. They are engaged across all digital devices and channels as soon as they wake up, as they commute, when they are at work, during lunch breaks, as they watch the TV, even as they go to bed.

Below are some of the 3 Key digital Vitamins that brands should adopt in-order to develop and growvitamins_blog1


This organic compound should be taken in large quantities to sustain the life of any organization. I strongly agree with Ranga Mberi who stated “Content marketing has been the buzzword for the last few years. But the scene is now crowded and brands are going to have to be more creative with their content formats and presentation to stand out from the crowd”. Content is King, and the community its Kingdom. The best content always wins, so your brand should think like a chief editor of a popular newspaper and publish strong and valuable content in different formats to extend range. Most consumers are actively using supplier generated content to speed up their purchasing decisions, they are looking for a thought leader, one who is there to genuinely help and provide direction. Is your brand the one to help them? Think about it! The golden rule though is HELP, HELP, HELP and stop thinking campaigns.


Today’s consumer is known to be diverse and full of life. Zimbabweans in particular have a deep-seated passion for entertainment. Most of them desire to be made a celebrity or to be linked to one. They want to feel valued by the brands they buy from and interact with. They love to win prizes and this is a great way to elicit participation and excitement. The idea with this Vitamin pill is to create a closer bond with consumers and trigger genuine emotions that get people talking; to not only fire up humor and excitement but also anger that drives people to share. Strategy, for those that believe in it, has got far more sophisticated and targeted, with the aim of creating memories for consumers through immersing them in fun and unforgettable experiences. As one of my colleagues Takada would say ‘’People don’t buy brands, they join them’’.


I know many or some of my friends from the Digital Republic will probably not agree with me here, but I still believe this is one key ingredient. I do understand the reservation, the what ifs and what nots, but for all I know, people buy from friends, from people they trust and more than 90% of us trust peer recommendation. Online influencers are those people who reach your consumers via their blogs and social networks that your brand may not be able reach. They also have the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of your targeted group of people and my justification for this Vitamin pill is that it is more authentic, provides access to a large audience and it provides sharable content more easily. Besides … Business is all about taking risks, so Just Do It!