How to Survive COVID19 as a business.

The new coronavirus barged into our world, spreading pandemonium across the globe. Like a scene from your everyday Sci-Fi movie where the earth is under siege from foreign intruders and superheroes have to take to stage. COVID19 is a sad reality, indiscriminately taking and threatening lives.

Our first reaction, as Dicomm McCann, was to create awareness internally and provide our team with necessary tools (sanitizers, masks etc) creating a safer working environment and of course practicing social distancing, however work had to continue.

Calls from clients, all asking the golden question: How can you help us ensure that our brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives during COVID19 pandemic and continue generating the much needed revenue?

Guided by the truth to meaning process in developing communications, we have found our footing and are churning out briefs using technologies that allow contactless teamwork. Our method of communication is anchored in human connections and brand authenticity (not to mention the fact that we are a digital agency).

Now, more than ever, brands need to communicate with more empathy and interaction with the market must be both sincere and impactful. CSR initiatives are already taking off. Now in communication is our Keep Corona Out campaign, developed for Econet. Our client is known for being in the forefront of any calamity at home, regionally or globally. The aim of this particular campaign is to empower the people of Zimbabwe and Africa in this difficult time. Brands have an opportunity to be heroic by stepping in with aid and support, conscientizing and providing our people the hope that we will get through this.