Helping brands play a meaningful role

It has been said that an inspired idea has the power to change lives. Well, in the case of EcoCash a simple inspired idea has transformed millions of lives in Zimbabwe, by bringing financial inclusion to the previously marginalized. So, profound has been the success of the brand that it has been awarded  “The Best Mobile Money services in the world” at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona Spain.

But like any success story in the business world, it doesn’t just begin and end with an inspired idea, it filters down to well thought out delivery to market, speaking the voice that people understand and of course the right communication mix elements. Since inception EcoCash has always been communicated in easy to understand way using creative multi-pronged, multi-lingual approach. Ultimately, the message has been understood by the masses and the brand becoming so successful and loved which has been noticed by the world.

As Dicomm McCann we say hats off to EcoCash for this massive achievement and it’s a humbling experience to have contributed to the brand play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Our walk with EcoCash since its inception has been a journey of much learning, introspection and great milestones.