Embracing the ZERO moment of Truth

Embracing the ZERO moment of Truth

Bill Gates famously said, “Content is King”, and in no situation is this more relevant than when it comes to SEO. Truth is, if you are working in any sort of online industry, whether it be content development or advertising you will most likely have come across the cryptic and rather enigmatic term ‘SEO’.

We, don’t know how many times we have mentioned the word, only to receive a rather embarrassed blank stare, followed by the question, “What exactly is SEO?”

So, here it goes, a brief yet succinct explanation, of what it actually is.

First things first, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the fundamental art of setting up your online presence so that Google showcases you as a highly relevant result when a customer conducts an online search around your chosen topics of interest.

With that, we know that search engines are the “go-to” destination for almost every question we have these days. They have become our source of general knowledge, entertainment, purchase information, and celebrity gossip. The Zero Moment of Truth, a term coined by Google in 2011, refers to the research which is conducted online about a product, organization or service before taking any action. It’s this zero moment that drives the discovery of our businesses; it’s the single moment that we need to learn to leverage to build business reputation.

Leveraging this moment has a lot to do with understanding (SEO), content marketing and online advertising channels to meet potential customers when they discover the need you can fulfill. It comes without saying that managing a robust online reputation means that you need to be able to meet your customers at that zero moment. SEO then becomes one of your primary digital marketing activities.

In conclusion, while SEO is an incredibly technical skillset, we can understand how to create content in a simple fashion that helps gain traction in search engines to manage and improve online reputation. If nothing else remember – Relevance, Referral, and Recent.

The bottom line: SEO is one of the most powerful online marketing tools there is, and doing it right can lead to the success of your business.

Any business large or small all need SEO and if you’re serious about being visible, we are available to help.

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