Dicomm Wins Zuva Petroleum – former BP & Shell garages

From the minute we received an email from Zuva Petroleum regarding their Digital and social media presence, we knew this one would need ‘Energy Everyday”

They say the journey of a thousand engagements online starts with a ‘search’. We immersed ourselves in becoming a solution to a problem most Zimbabweans have which is “finding fuel”.  Apart from relying on WhatsApp groups to know when and where to go queue up for fuel and who to constantly call and “ask for a favor”, we further immersed ourselves in the pressures that the energy companies themselves were facing amidst all this chaos.

What about the savvy Zimbabwean? The one who relies solely on reviews and communication online? What are energy companies doing for them? How are we speaking to this Zimbabwean? Where does this leave a brand whose reputation can be totally destroyed by such a force?

What happens to a nation whose productivity has been hampered by up to 40% due to being in fuel queues? How do we address the issues of the woman who is patiently waiting to get her turn in the fuel queue but gets harassed by a kombi driver and has no option but to let them through? All this with a child doing homework in the backseat.

How does a brand respond to the the 120% increase in negative reviews being placed on all their social media platforms? How does a brand seek to turn the negative perceptions into positive ones?

Ours is a journey to reinforce “Energy Everyday” to mend the broken relationship Zuva Petroleum had with its clients, to give every Zimbabwean the “simple” solutions they need to problems they bring up daily online, and constantly evolving around their wants and needs.

Follow our next blog on how we are tackling this assignment one click at a time.