Dicomm McCann wins another blue-chip account: Schweppes

In this fast paced and competitive creative industry you either go hard or go home and we chose to go hard in a refreshingly different way. In a tightly contested pitch involving 5 advertising agencies, Dicomm McCann rose and emerged the winner of thschweppes christmas carde Schweppes account.

Schweppes Zimbabwe is a global brand under license from The Coca-Cola Company. It is the leading manufacturer of non-carbonated and still beverages. It is also the main distributor of renowned brands like Mazoe, Minute Maid and Schweppes Water.

For us this pitch was refreshing, we put everything into it and came out victorious. Hard work pays off and according to Booker T. Washington “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

Team Dicomm worked hard, worked as a team, showed strength, creative skill and seamless strategic ideas. We are thrilled to be working on Schweppes Zimbabwe and their iconic brands that all of Zimbabwe loves.

Watch this space for more creative waves.