Dicomm McCann welcomes UNICEF

When it comes to the UNICEF advertising account win, we’d rather not claim luck because good luck implies something unearned. We worked, we sweated and we conquered.


When the opportunity to pitch for UNICEF presented itself, we were excited to answer the call since helping people is right up our alley as demonstrated by our work over the years which serves to impart much-needed information to the people of Zimbabwe and around the world. Our strength lies in telling stories that inspire, connect, and bring positive behavioral change.


The race began with more than 8 advertising agencies vying for the opportunity to partner with UNICEF. And as you might know, team Dicomm McCann knows how to put a little magic in our business pitch, and that magic is called “The creative touch” coupled with a clear demonstration of our ability to execute as we help a brand play a meaningful role in people’s lives.


With this UNICEF partnership, we aim to arm every Zimbabwean with the information they need to survive this day and age through a campaign dubbed “Live well Zimbabwe” which tackles various topics affecting the country, namely Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, HIV, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). We’re honored to be working on the ground to empower children, parents, and communities about their well-being.


UNICEF brings together a diverse coalition of partners namely, Ministry of Health and Child Care and Health Development Fund to promote a good life for every child. Backing this campaign is a group of unstoppable creatives from Dicomm McCann, who were born to break conventions with disruptive advertising. Together with the McCann Global Health New York team, we’re confident that UNICEF campaigns will reach the intended masses and positive behaviour change will be created.


Zimbabwe, get ready to listen on and live well!