Dicomm McCann launches Nestlé Cerelac with Probiotics Campaign

Everyday children are born to mothers’ all over the world and it is essentially important to raise your child on the right nutrition. It’s such a joy to have a healthy baby and watch them grow because from the moment of conception to the moment their born, every moment is special.

After winning the Nestlé nutrition account through our specialized agency McCann Health 3 months ago, today we unveil the first campaign that we have developed for our client Nestlé Cerelac with probiotics. Winning this account gave Dicomm McCann the opportunity to stay informed, to connect and interact with mothers all over the world.cereal_boxes

The Nestlé campaign was just so good that it has even been adopted into other markets, namely Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In addition, we have had to develop material in different languages like French for the other markets.

The simplicity of the campaign enabled agency to deliver key messages that make a difference in the lives of mothers’ and their babies. Nestlé Cerelac with Probiotics shapes our future; it shapes the future generation of tomorrow’s leaders.

Watch this space!