Dicomm Launches Generation Africa & GoGettaz in Sandton Johannesburg

A small boy runs towards an open field deep in the middle of Africa. Ba bump, ba bump! His heart pounding so fast he can almost feel the beat run down his entire body. As he approaches the field in his village, he slows down to go gasp for air, closes his eyes and spreads his hands far and wide. Almost instantly he begins to run the tips of his hands through the maize same height as him and calmly whistles as he goes to join his friends who are ploughing in the fields. In that moment a dream is born!

Fast forward to the day the dream came to fruition, that dream is “agri-prenuership”. A few months ago we embarked on a journey to launch a Pan-African competition which would run across Africa for 4 months. The competition seeks to give young African entrepreneurs in the Agri-food sector an opportunity to showcase they’re ideas and stand a chance to win one of two $50 000usd prizes.

At first we got Goosebumps just thinking of the magnitude of the project, but as time went on, we realized how this was a great opportunity for us to play a meaningful role in the lives of people we serve. The project demanded so much from us, not to mention how we clocked the hours’ day and night from crafting the competition plan which was presented in the United Kingdom in January 2019, to competition mechanics, developing the website and ultimately putting together the whole project.

The most insightful part of working on this project was that the young Africans we sought to speak to were represented in the team developing the campaign. It made bringing the campaign to life so much easier, so much fun and definitely challenging too.

To all the young boys and girls who had a dream many years ago to make a difference on the continent, we say “now is your time” As our Managing Director @cmutemera always says: “True success is about a passion to create a better world”

Calling on all #GoGettaz on the continent, now is your time! Sign up on the link below: https://genafrica.org/gogettaz/