Dicomm launched Waya Waya Promotion

For the first time in Zimbabwe since the introduction of multi-currency, Dicomm has launched a US$1 Million dollar promotion for EcoCash. This  promotion is dubbed EcoCash Million Dollar “Waya Waya”, a name that speaks that it’s not business as usual as EcoCash is determined to give back to customers. For the next 100 days, they will be giving $100 to 100 customers everyday, with the ultimate prize being a whopping US$100,000 to one most fortunate EcoCash user.

It’s quite an experience to be the agency that developed the first promotion of such magnitude in Zimbabwe and we look forward to more promotions of such nature that positively impacts the lives of ordinary people. As a result of such kind of investment into the brand, we say watch this space (EcoCash).


wayawaya promotion