Dicomm introduces podcasts to Seedco

ngoma Awards
One chilly winters morning, the digital team huddled together for their weekly creative session, no distractions, just the team, their minds and their voices. The conversations began, centered around bringing in new, creatively effective digital services for our clients. After about 15 minutes of conversing, a hush fell on the team, and the word arose: Podcasts.

Communication, specifically, through conversation, something we all do every day. We listen to conversations, we start them, we love being a part of interesting conversations. They give us various things to think about, they give us room to learn and grow, the perfect way to get different points across. Through tone, pace, voice & even time, fascinating if you ask us.

Now how were we going to bring this to life for our clients? Fortunately, one of our biggest clients turned out to be the most daring and gladly jumped onto the idea. Seed Co, the African Seed Company was our first trial, lo and behold it was a success launching their first podcasts on wheat planting.

Just the sheer convenience of a farmer & anyone interested in farming having information readily available to download online and play anytime and anywhere from their playlists is by no doubt, genius. Now imagine expanding the podcast gospel to telecoms, insurance, mining, FMCG… The possibilities are endless.

Our podcasts performed exceptionally well, reaching well over 5 000 farmers with 42% of the listeners coming from our social media referral’s. The great thing about digital is that it goes beyond physical boundaries. We had listeners in South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Kenya & Nigeria. There was also a 63% download rate, talk about getting your information on the go! Numbers don’t lie and right now, the numbers are looking good and they can only get better.

We believe in helping brands play a meaningful role in peoples lives. The introduction of podcasts has seen SeedCo gain traction on their social pages and websites which has allowed the brand to grow by 16% overall on all their social platforms.