Dicomm develops Chatbot for Shield Chelsea promotion

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After Unilever signed a partnership with the Chelsea Football club, there was a task to activate and rollout the North-star promotion in African markets. Zimbabwe was part of the African countries selected. With that, client sought to engage with the target market and give consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand in new possible ways. Given time constraints agency managed to develop a chat-bot for the promotion in line with the target audience online activities and interests flawlessly.

And now? Well, you guessed it. Far from new in the world of innovation, chat-bots are about to take over the world of client interaction and customer retention. Here’s what you need to know about the budding phenomenon.

Two months ago our digital team set out to create a chat-bot for our client Shield, who is currently running with the Shield Chelsea Northstar project by selecting Africa’s 11 to go and play with Chelsea legends in Cobham at the Chelsea training center in the UK.

Agency is digitally forward and as such the team decided to move with trend and create a new method of registering for the kids who were within age to participate in the trials. Bearing in mind, the team barely had time to develop this bot given the timelines.

No surprise to us, the target audience we developed the bot for are in fact the notorious generation Z who we know love convenience. The nature of the chat-bot allowed the boys and girls to to register on……. Yes! You guessed it WhatsApp.

The team made a quick analysis of where our target spends at least 60% of their social life and on which platforms in particular. The team also took cognizance of any challenges the boys were to face if they had to go to a supermarket to fill in a form and drop it in a box.

We programmed the chat-bot to simulate human conversation, which interacted with users via textual chat interface providing a virtual “talking” partner to communicate with as they registered. Though typically used in dialog systems for functional purposes, like customer service or information acquisition, we programmed our WhatsApp chat-bot to provide a helping hand with practically anything the kids were likely to ask when registering for the promotion.

Bots aren’t new but they are revolutionizing the digital space by performing functions like booking flights, hotels, ordering takeaway & much more.

Your clients’ new friend.

We strive not only to work hard, but to work smarter too, and our clients are loving it. Since innovation & fresh ideas are our corner stone, we are looking forward to maximising the functions of bots for our different clients. Creating tailor made assistants that will bring meaningful change into the lives of the people we interact with.

Have you encountered a bot yet? Were you able to tell?