A hunger to write, explore and experience the world through different eyes emerges when creative genes and passion come together, it brings words and characters to life. Today Dicomm Advertising celebrates with Virginia Jekanyika Mate-kole, our Creative Director, who won this year’s BBC World Service International Radio Playwriting Competition, in the English as a Second Language category for her play titled ‘The Cactus flowers’. The play is centered on three women who are trying to pull themselves out of poverty in Kariba, Zimbabwe, by starting their own fishing business. Just as things start to go their way, they are hit by a sudden tragedy, which results in a bitter betrayal and a struggle for survival. A bitter-sweet story of family and friendship. Your creative excellence, hard work and perseverance has taken you around the world. As the world opens your eyes to diversity, different languages, culture and people let each word spoken, each phrase unleashed inspire the literary genius within you and leave giant footprints of your mastery everywhere you go. Here’s to a creative genius and a great leader. We are proud of you and wish you continued success for the future. Congratulations! Here’s to Passion that knows no Borders!