Cassava Smartech Launches Pan African app “Sasai”

On the first of August 2019 the team launched yet again, another Pan-African project “Sasai”. The launch event was held at Ster Kinekor Sam Levy, being a first of its kind on the continent.

The event was filled with loads of fun activities for guests and exceptional presentations from the Cassava Smartech Representatives. From the moment guests arrived, they were welcomed with mock tails and friendly hosts who directed them to the main event area. The event was focused on capturing the attention of the millennial and zenials in Zimbabwe. Suffice to say, the set up did not disappoint as entertainment varied from slug all the way through to performances from Zimbabwe’s favorite artists which resonated very well with the target audiences.

A quick reflection on bringing this project to life has shown the entire agency what collaboration and creativity can result in. We knew from the beginning that the challenge we had as an agency was to produce an exceptional strategy for brand Sasai.

Of particular interest to the entire team were the findings that came out of the market research for trends and behaviors from millennial not only in Zimbabwe but Africa as a whole.

There has since been a shift in interests from this generation, a generation that is making change on the continent, shaping the future they want, not only in how they conduct themselves but also how they interact with brands which fit their lifestyles.

We pride ourselves in helping brands play a meaningful role in the lives of the people we serve. Interesting to us is how we managed to marry the data we found with interests of the target to bring Sasai to life.

It is also with great pleasure that we take our hats off for our leader who puts pressure and continuously motivates the team to “never grow weary of doing good.” To that extent we say “thank you @cmutemera for great leadership and ultimately encouraging the team to push harder.”