Are you ready for Change?

\ ˈchānj change  – – – to make radically different : TRANSFORM

The world as we know it has evolved at a rapid pace than we had anticipated before the COVID-19 pandemic. Technological innovations have been significantly accelerated. Only two years ago, advertising was big offline but right now it’s a race for online relevance. The insoluble fact is that change is inevitable and should be embraced!

Digital marketing moved from being a nice-to-have skill to being a must-have skill. There is a lot of talk about emerging and disruptive technologies (Big Data, Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and so forth), but for old school marketers, hearing these big words can be scary. However, times have changed and now it’s a case of playing catch up. Whoever is ahead of the curve gets the biggest slice of the pie.

New trends are emerging every day and it is a fact we may just not keep up. So how then do we manage the situation? One step at a time – Let us get enlightened. Knowing is half the battle.

In this series I will try to debunk some of the myths and unmask some of the mysteries of these new technologies. Fear not dear Marketer, we will go through this together!