So we’ve all heard she’s coming and we’re bracing for her fury. Dineo hit Mozambique last night and is swiftly moving inland. I know as Zimbabweans we somehow comfort ourselves with the safety of our inland geographical location but cyclones can still do damage here.

Putting this into perspective, cyclone season is not advertising friendly. Just imagine you’re driving down Borrowdale road, and boom, you get hit by a ‘runaway’ billboard. Far-fetched you’re thinking, but remember Dineo has predicted winds of up to 200km/h. Those are some really strong winds that can cause massive damage and destruction, not forgetting damage to infrastructure and significant loss of advertising mileage to the poor client on that billboard.

Don’t even get me started on the horror of all those precious flyers soaked or blown to oblivion, never getting to their intended recipients. Or the fantastic commercial that was supposed to air on TV just before the signal was lost, or the activation that’s going to be a no-show because no one wants to get soaking wet. Dineo we accept you because we pretty much can’t stop you, but please spare a thought for the advertiser.